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Leaders are Made
Not Born

Stretch into your full potential.

You are capable of more and you know it.

Maybe you’re a startup founder with passion, trying to build a business and raise a round of critical funding in complex circumstances where the rate of failure is high. 


Maybe you need to make big changes and feel overwhelmed by the challenge. You’re looking for tools to quickly scale your impact, so you can draw people into the vision and shape your organization from the inside out.


Or perhaps you’re grappling with power plays and need to masterfully navigate bias. We all know that representation matters. Yet just 8.2% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women and only 5% are African Americans. 


Whatever your situation, I’ve been there myself or as a coach. I've stood in your shoes as a startup founder, change leader, CEO, board member, woman and working parent. I coach from the vantage of real experience. Together, we can open the door to limitless possibilities—for yourself, your organization, and your teams.


Sometimes, leadership can feel lonely.

Two-thirds of CEOs do not receive any outside leadership advice, but nearly all want it. 

Why? Because it’s lonely at the top. A leader’s role is both unique and uniquely isolating.  You have no true peers or role models, and that’s a special source of pressure and challenge.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." 

Vince Lombardi

Give yourself the gift of growth


“What got you here, won’t get you there.” 

My favorite quote by Marshall Goldsmith captures what I’ve experienced in 20 years and over 10,000 hours of executive coaching.  


You have to make a change to see a change.


I support people who want or choose to make big changes, often in complex and difficult  circumstances. 


Using a solid methodology that doesn’t overcomplicate, I help leaders reimagine what successful leadership is, and then make bold quantum leaps towards becoming their best selves—as leaders and as human beings.​

How my programs can help you
amplify your impact.

  • Adapt quickly and decisively to a new role or organization

  • Make decisions confidently and powerfully, uniting people around your vision and goals.

  • Take risks and bounce back from failure

  • Have the ​courage to do things differently, letting go of old habits that are no longer working 

  • Breathe life into your teams to empower their collective impact

  • Become a wise, humane leader who makes a difference in the world without sacrificing your health or relationships.


Are you ready to amplify your impact ?


Your leadership development starts here. 


I’m Bonnie Wentworth. Executive Coach, Organizational Psychologist, Early Stage CEO Advisor and ever evolving human being.


I’m on a mission to deliver extraordinary leadership to the heart of every organization. My development programs support early-stage founders, C-suite executives, underrepresented leaders, and social impact leaders to be more effective and fulfilled as they get ready to raise the leadership bar.


Thousands of leaders from hundreds of companies all over the world have used my programs to unlock their potential. I’m trusted by Fortune 500s, ambitious unicorns, national nonprofits, political pioneers and investing rainmakers to enhance their executive impact and set the scene for success. 


Moving from being lonely on this leadership journey, you will gain a trusted collaborator who stands shoulder to shoulder with you in real time, supporting you to make changes you only hoped were possible. When change comes courageously from within, from a position of self-awareness, it is much more likely to last. This is the real work of leadership.


"Bonnie Wentworth is a talented executive coach. She has helped us to elevate our leadership effectiveness as we scale our organization and navigate through a dynamic, rapid growth environment. Bonnie was a valuable resource supporting our change management process during our recent acquisition and integration.”

Lisa Alderson

CEO & Founder Genome Medical, Inc.


"Bonnie is one of the rare outside consultants who is able to give advice like an insider.  She is a consummate listener and observer and is therefore able to synthesize situation and dynamics to give effective feedback and direction. Given the breadth of her background, I can recommend her for large companies and startups alike."

Gary Loeb

General Counsel / EVP

Biotech Start-ups


"Through Bonnie's work we now have a functional executive committee in place.  We have board leadership that embodies the work that we do.  We have members with needed and specialized skills.  In addition, this group is dedicated to continuing change."

Peggy McGuire

Executive Director

Women’s Cancer Resources Center


“As a transgender person, there have not been very many people like me in executive and founder roles. Knowing that Bonnie had worked with gender-diverse individuals prior was comforting, but more than anything, her kind and understanding demeanor and ability to see me as a whole person was incredibly helpful. 

Jerrica Kirkley, MD

Chief Medical Officer



It’s time to stop delaying and start investing in yourself. If you’re serious about leading purposefully,
let’s start the conversation today.