Executive Coaching

Become a world-class leader with strength, clarity and purpose.

When developing leadership bench-strength is a priority for your organization, choose this program. The C-Suite Executive Coaching Program will help amplify the impact of new and seasoned leaders in a confidential environment. 

The phrase ‘lonely at the top’ resonates for most senior executives. As someone who has experienced that uncomfortable truth, I’m able to understand the business context and act as a true sounding board, pinpointing where mindsets and behaviors require adaption to achieve success. Leaders will emerge visibly stronger and ready to move the needle on performance. 

This program will help you: 

  • Scale your leadership to C-level

  • Expand self-awareness, insight and targeted development through 3600 feedback

  • Manage the boss

  • Lead the human side of change

  • Build the leadership bench 

  • Effectively plan for succession 

  • Boost cross-functional influence and impact

  • Navigate organizational power dynamics

  • Shift “Imposter Syndrome” and other self-limiting beliefs

  • Give productive feedback and have the difficult conversations

  • Identify and face your real challenges

  • Discover where and how your get stuck

  • Embrace real change 

  • Immediately take action


“Bonnie was engaged with our executives to build their leadership competencies. Her genuine interest in their success enabled her to gain the confidence and trust to truly make a difference in their development.  Bonnie enabled each executive to achieve breakthroughs in their leadership development.  She developed tailored development plans that helped my executives gain situational awareness, learn practical leadership fundamentals, and apply these skills in real-world situations. This increased my executive team’s performance.”

Dick Daniels

Chief Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Board Member, Silicon Valley Bank

Board Chair, Playworks


"Bonnie Wentworth is one of the best coaches that I know.  She works well on the interpersonal, team and organizational level and sees issues in systems terms.  I have seen her handle very difficult situations with poise and competence; I have no hesitancy in referring clients to her."

David L. Bradford, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Founder of GSB “Touchy Feely” Course

Co-Author of Influence Without Authority and Connect


It’s time to stop delaying and start investing in yourself. If you’re serious about leading purposefully,
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