Leadership coaching for social impact leaders

Helping leaders make the world a better place. 

This no-cost program is available to leaders who are dedicated to creating positive and equitable social impact in public health, urban education, racial equity, progressive movements and campaigns, and other high-impact initiatives. 

It’s tough to create a business of purpose, especially when you have limited access to funding for leadership development opportunities. This bespoke program supports trailblazing social impact leaders in need of a trusted thought partner, helping them understand and practice different and more effective ways of strengthening their voice, cultivating influence – then watching the ripple effects take shape as they lead their organizations to greater impact with surprising speed. 

This program will help you: 

  • Navigate organizational power dynamics with insight, skill, and impact

  • Cultivate influence without positional power

  • Own your power productively

  • Conduct effective stakeholder and/or board management

  • Develop executive sponsors, allies, and funders

  • Lead inclusively across difference

  • Shift “Imposter Syndrome” and other self-limiting beliefs

  • Prevent and manage burn-out

  • Build leaders under you


“Bonnie coached me through some of the most intense, challenging, and rewarding elements of my personal and professional journey. I’ve been promoted twice, my team has grown from 3 to 100, and I’ve rapidly grown from a SME to an organizational leader. She has helped me stretch and grow as a leader during the pandemic and through the post-George Floyd racial reckoning, both of which had a significant impact on my work. As a result, my team and I can have a bigger impact on critical issues and opportunities.”

Annie Reed, DrPH, MPP 

Leader in large healthcare organization


"Bonnie has acted as a sounding board and coach as I adjusted my leadership style from a corporate executive to an Executive Director for highly diverse Not For Profit.  She was strong at validating my experience and slowing me down so I could understand the perspective of my team.  She helped me understand the different demographics and their particular world view.  This allowed me to view concerns and issues from a variety of perspectives.  Through our coaching I improved my ability to use and demonstrate authentic empathy."

Alison Townley

Executive Director

Playworks & Citizen Schools


It’s time to stop delaying and start investing in yourself. If you’re serious about leading purposefully,
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