Executive Coaching for Under-represented Leaders

Serve from a place of alignment and influence.

A program for women, leaders of color and leaders of diverse sexual identity who want to accelerate their leadership success in a safe, skilled partnership.

Just 8.2 % of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women and 5% are African Americans. If this lack of representation doesn’t sit well with you, be assured that you don’t have to ignore it. This program provides a private and brave space for underrepresented leaders to expand awareness, increase personal agency, and build the talent pipeline that supports a global inclusion agenda. 

This program will help you: 

  • Navigate traditional power dynamics with insight, skill, and impact

  • Cultivate influence

  • Expand self-awareness, insight and targeted development through 3600 feedback

  • Own your power productively

  • Cultivate executive sponsors, allies, and an internal network

  • Navigate implicit bias

  • Explore issues of race, gender, and sexual identity at work in a safe, skilled environment

  • Shift “Imposter Syndrome” and other self-limiting beliefs

  • Prevent and manage burn-out


“As a transgender person, historically, there have not been very many people like me in executive and founder roles. Knowing that Bonnie had worked with gender-diverse individuals prior was comforting, but more than anything, her kind and understanding demeanor and ability to see me as a whole person was incredibly helpful. 


I understand my positioning in the company as somebody who wears various hats within the organization. I wanted a coach who could leverage tried and true tools but also understand the nuance of my situation. Working with Bonnie helped me understand how my own personality, life experiences, professional background and predispositions impacted my framework as a leader. She meaningfully helped take me from a chronic solo problem solver to somebody who can effectively prioritize, delegate and empower others. 


The diligence, thoroughness and thoughtfulness of Bonnie and her team with the 360-feedback process was critical in this evolution. I also appreciated how she provided enough structure to the coaching relationship to not lose track of the growth areas identified early on, but also was able to adapt to whatever was going on in the moment and apply interventions in real time. 


After working with Bonnie, I feel not only better equipped to empower others, but also feel more empowered to handle the myriad challenges that arise in a startup environment and confident in my own voice and position within the company. ”

Jerrica Kirkley, MD
Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer



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